With the exception of the below anthology calls, Carrion Blue 555 is not currently open for submissions.

Dark, vicious explorations of the terrifying thoughts lingering in the backs of our heads.
Fictionalized accounts of real-life nightmares.
The desires you'd never disclose to a partner.
Those thoughts at 3 a.m. when the pain in your side won't go away.
We want you at your worst.
We want honesty.
We want hate.
We want solace.

AGAINST SURVIVAL is an outlet.
A place to voice otherwise unspeakable things.
A violent reassurance that you could, in fact, be worse.
This anthology welcomes essays and stories exploring these concepts and themes.
Fact, fiction, and everything between.
1,500 to 5,000 words. Form and structure are up to you. Pseudonyms welcome.

Email submissions as a .doc file attachment to carrionblue555 [at] with author name and "AGAINST SURVIVAL" in the subject line.
New, original work only. No simultaneous submissions. Multiple submissions are welcome, but understand we reserve the right to accept only one submitted work.
Payment: $10USD and one contributor copy.
Deadline: August 22, 2017.

Update 3/16/17: We would like to emphasize the "new, original work" above. No submissions so far have felt like they have been written specifically for this project, and it's such a specific niche that we are actively encouraging you to do so. Yes, we understand it's challenging writing something for a specific project with the caveat it may be rejected. No, we are not trying to be dicks. We have a specific vision for this anthology and will do as needed to curate that. As such, the deadline may extend until we receive enough proper contributions.

50% of all proceeds for this project are being donated to Planned Parenthood.

"Red Slur Forsaken" by Arthur Welles is our urtext example and is available to download here for your creative inspiration and emotional repulsion.


We are seeking new and original work inspired by the famed Bosch triptych, “The Garden of Earthly Delights.” Pieces can be accounts of scenes occurring within the painting; further adventures of the denizens of the painting; bizarre odes to the painting itself; some conglomerate of the above; or something entirely different. Push limits of plot, structure, and form. Those familiar with our catalogue know we prefer the surreal, absurd, gut-wrenching. Pieces dependent on comedy will be less likely to find a home here. Please, for our sanity, do not send any pieces about the bird king eating and shitting humans out.
We will consider fiction, poetry, plays, and pretty much any other formats you can think of. (Creative non-fiction is encouraged but pitch your concept beforehand.) Word count has a soft cap of 7K: if your submission is longer (or is expected to be), pitch us the concept beforehand. Payment is half cent a word with a $5.00 minimum. No simultaneous submissions, but multiple submissions are allowed. If multiple pieces are accepted, payment will be based on total word count of all pieces.
Deadline is January 31st, 2018. We will try to be prompt with responses, but pieces that are potential acceptances may need to wait until after the deadline for final confirmation. We are seeking six month exclusivity from date of publication.
Submissions can be sent to carrionblue555 [at] as .doc or .docx files. Include "GARDEN" and author name in the email title. Please format your file as you wish it to see print (italicize for italics, underline for underline, etc.)
May your efforts bear strange fruits.